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An-Lun Huang


Toronto Ontario

An-Lun Huang is a composer based in the Greater Toronto area.

An-Lun Huang was born in China in 1949, and studied piano at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. The Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960s forced him to abandon his formal studies, but he continued to study independently, and was appointed resident composer and assistant conductor at the Central Opera House of China in Beijing in 1976. He immigrated to Canada in 1980 to study composition at the University of Toronto before continuing his composition studies at Trinity College in London, England, and eventually at Yale University. In 1986, he returned to Ontario where he currently resides.


His symphonic, operatic, ballet, choral, chamber and film works are performed and broadcast internationally, possessing what has been described as a perfect synthesis of Western and Eastern elements. He has been sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs as an ambassador for Canadian music to China, and was President of the Canadian Chinese Music Society of Ontario until 1996. In 2004, he received a New Pioneer Award, intended to showcase the outstanding contributions made by immigrants to the Greater Toronto Area.

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