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Chanti Wadge



Born in Seoul, raised in Vancouver, Chanti Wadge has been living in Montreal since 2002. With a background in classical dance, improvisation and contact, Chanti has been recognized as an exceptional and versatile performer. She has performed internationally for choreographers such as Peter Bingham/EDAM Dance, Lee Su Feh, Judith Marcuse, Susan Elliott, Jennifer Mascall, Olivia Thorvaldson and Shannon McMurchy (Vancouver); Lingo Dance Theatre, Amii Legendre and TURF (Seattle); Kaeja d’Dance (Toronto); Jose Navas, Par Bleux, Isabelle VanGrimde, Andrew Harwood, Jane Mappin, Emmanuel Jouthe, Jordi Ventura, Gioconda Barbuto, Roger Sinha and Dave St. Pierre (Montreal).

Chanti is also a self-taught interdisciplinary creator working with dance, video and text, often in poetic installations. Her interdisciplinary works, 23 Experimental Edits (2002), Palmpilot (2002), betweenlines (2004), and Save Project As: unrehearsed phases of A Beoming Human (2003) were presented by Shared Habitat: Festival of Art, Science and the Environment (Toronto), Square Zero Independent Dance (Ottawa), Festival of New Dance (NFLD), Projet/Projo and the HomeShow (Montreal). Her choreographies, lesser things (1999), and Approved Privacy Statement (2001) were presented by Tanec Praha (Czech Republic), The Vancouver East Cultural Center, DanceArts Vancouver, and EDAM Dance; most recently [we]: fieldnotes from the bardo was presented by Tangente (2005). Chanti is currently dancing for Compagnie Flak and was recently invited to work as assistant choreographer on the new creation of Ginette Laurin’s at O Vertigo.

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