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Geneviève La




Originally Amerisian, Geneviève La has been living in Montreal for ten years. Her choregraphic and dancer’s work is influenced by her studies in modern dance (LADMMI) and visual arts, and recently, by her master studies in kinesiology (Mc Gill) and ostheopathy (Wales). Her different travels, her curiosity and her researches as an autodidact in different fields as psychology, anthropology, spirituality and different ways of remission, are parts of her works. Fascinated by impulse and wild life, she got a poetic approach, strongly present in dancing. Her works had been seen in Montreal, Quebec city, and informally, in Saigon. Her last piece, petites prières, was warmly acclaimed by the public.

As a dancer, she worked with choreographers as Iréni Stamou, Roger Sinha, Mélanie Demers, Jean-François Déziel, Brigitte Heanjtens and Louise Bédard. She’s also worked with Danse-Cité’s Évènements de la Pleine Lune. She is currently working on Director and Photographer Véro Boncompani’s project and collaborating with Catherine Lalonde, an old friend.

The realization of this new project Des racines et des ailes will have long effects on the Geneviève La’s career. It is the necessity to create bridges between different cultures, mostly between America and Asia, between artistic and therapeutic. This last notion, the remission one, takes roots in the ancestral worlds, when artistic and medical manifestations were strongly tied up. Remission, body and soul, was simpy an initiatic road, making a larger presence to us, to the others, to the universe. It’s the relation between intimacy and cosmogony. The «savoir-faire» is certainly important… but when are we gonna learn how to «savoir-être»? It’s this inviting way that Geneviève La wants us to take. She wants us to make a trip in her dance, to take us somewhere to be better persons. She’s always said that lots of artists, inspired people, saved her life, helped her to pass on difficulties, make her laugh, cried, think. Today, she just wants to give back a little bit of the light she received.