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George Koichi Nozuka



George was born one of seven children to American Canadian mother Holly Sedgwick [2][3] and Japanese father Hiromitsu Nozuka. Sedgwick raised Nozuka and his six siblings as a single mother.[4] He is the older brother of musician Justin Nozuka, musician Henry Nozuka, and actor Philip Nozuka. Other family members include Christian, another musician and two sisters, Margaret and Sandra (Sandy). George's aunt, his mother's half-sister, is actress Kyra Sedgwick who is married to actor [Kevin Bacon]. George's first cousin twice removed was actress Edie Sedgwick.

George Nozuka sings, dances, plays piano, guitar and harmonica. Most of his choreography was taught by Roger Chau, well known South-East Asian Dancer. He released his first album Believe in 2006.[5] He co-wrote all of the songs on his album. It took a full year to record in Toronto, Los Angeles and Sweden with a number of producers, including Perry Alexander, Roy "Royalty" Hamilton and Anthony M. Jones. A special edition of "Believe" was also released in Japan in July 2007. Five songs from the freshman album of George were released as singles in Canada.

George won the Canadian Radio Music Award for "Best New Group or Solo Artist" category.[6]

In 2005, George appeared in episode 18 of season 4 of Degrassi: the Next Generation entitled "Modern Love" where he plays Chad Hosoda, brother of Chester (played by George's brother Philip Nozuka). The other brother Justin Nozuka played the role of Chuck Hosoda.

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