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Komachi Montreal



Komachi Montreal (こまち モンレアル) is a Montreal-based Japanese folk dance group founded by Kayo Yasuhara in 2007. The group specializes in Bon or Bon Odori dancing, an annual Buddhist ritual meant to celebrate and honour the dead. This type of dance is also performed during summer festivals, also known as Matsuri. Komachi Montreal's specific dance style is that of Minyō which embraces the joy of dancing, celebration and finds the courage to enjoy and live life. This is also that style that has been orally transmitted throughout generations in Yasuhara's native region, however each region in Japan boasts their own interpretations and dancing styles and Komachi Montreal also hopes to showcase these other dances to expose their audiences to the full colour of Japan folk dance culture.

While Komachi Montreal originally started as a small troupe named Yume Mirai, they rose to prominence following the earthquake in the Tohoku region in Japan in 2011. Since then they have participated in many charitable events in a show of solidarity for their people in Japan and show hope for a brighter future for everyone affected by the disaster.

Active Members[edit]

Nicolas Marion started in 2009

Audrey Bergeron-Morin started in 2011

Line Michaud started in 2014

Yoshie Wada started in 2014

Caroline Boivin started in 2010

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