Korean Canadian Cultural Association

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Korean Canadian Cultural Association




1133 Leslie Street Toronto, Ontario M3C 2J6

tel. 416-383-0777

fax: 416-383-1113

email: KCCA1133@gmail.com



All residents of Korea descendents who lives in the G.T.A.

Mission & Mandate

The KCCA’s mission is to promote cultural programming to develop an understanding and appreciation of Korean cultural for all Canadians. As a non-profit, community based organization, the KCCA, provides cultural programming for the community, school groups and visitors and tourists.

- To introduce the culture, history and legacy of the Korean Canadians to all Canadians while creating a tribute to the history of the community.

- To educate all Canadians on the importance of heritage, tolerance and cultural understanding.

- To create a space for Korean immigrants and their descendants to congregate, thus acting as a “living museum” and a focal point for the community.

- To bridge generations within the Korean Canadian community connecting the younger generation to their roots and providing the means for the continuing evolution of the community

Description of Services

- Traditional Cultural Events

- Folk Dance, Martial Arts and Heritage

- Korean Heritage day and more cultural events

- Settlement and Recreation

- Newcomer settlement services

- Counseling services regarding education, social, and family matters

- Dealing with community issues to advocate community rights

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