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Myung Sun Kim



Myung-Sun Kim is a Korean-born, Toronto-based artist, primarily working in the field of sculpture and installation. Her work playfully explores everyday objects and spaces, dealing with issues of aesthetics, functionality, nomadism, mobility, intervention, and architecture. She has completed BFA in Sculpture / Installation at the Ontario College of Art & Design in 2005, and MFA in Visual Arts Program at York University in 2009. She has received several awards and scholarships, including Dr. Eugene A. Poggetto Award, MST Bronze Sculpture Award, Sculpture Installation Faculty Award, and Graduate Entrance Scholarship to York University Graduate Program in Visual Arts. She has exhibited and presented her work in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and North Carolina.

Currently, Kim is a part of KS3, a four member collaborative that brings architecture, new media, sculpture, graphics, and painting methodologies to the investigation of interactivity, movement, visual gravity, parametric structures, and domestic engineering. Kim will be in Winnipeg, Singapore, and Fukuoka for her upcoming residencies in 2010.

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