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Steveston Japanese Language School

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Steveston Japanese Language School was founded in 1911 by the Fisherman’s Charity Organization. In 1960, the principal, Mr. Okuyama, approached the Community Centre to provide classrooms and upon acceptance of his proposal, the Steveston Japanese Language School was established.

The School was not only open to Japanese but to other ethnic groups.

In 1975, consistent with the multiculturalism policy of the Canadian Federal Government, to promote Japanese language education in Richmond, the Steveston Japanese Language School became a non-profit organization run by elected body of students’ parents.

In 1992, the school moved to the newly built Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Since then, the enrollment of the students studying Japanese has been steadily increasing and diversifying with interest from students of non Japanese origins.

At present, the school has an enrollment of over 350 students. Our classes are range from pre-school to high school and adult classes.

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