Dr. Daniel Y. K. Kwan

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Dr. Daniel Y. K. Kwan


Abbotsford British Columbia

Dr. Daniel Y.K. Kwan teaches courses on modern East Asia (with emphasis on China and Japan) in the Department of History at the University of Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, British Columbia.

His upper level history courses deal with imperialism in East Asian, the Chinese communist revolution, and society and politics in contemporary China.

With a deep interest in labour history and the Chinese Communist movement, he has published a monograph Marxist Intellectual and the Chinese Labor Movement: A Study of Deng Zhongxia 1894 – 1933 (Seattle & London: University of Washington Press, 1997).


He has also published book reviews in leading academic journals such as American Historical Review, International History Review, Journal of Oriental Studies, and Journal of Peasant Studies.

His current research is a book-length project, based on local archival and library research in Guangzhou, on “worker education, culture and class identity in south China 1949 – 1999”. Apart from this major book project, he is also interested in the problems and legacy of colonialism in his native city, Hong Kong.