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Aditya Jha



Aditya Jha, LL.D is a celebrated Indo-Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist with active involvement in Canadian public affairs. A globetrotter, his business portfolio consists of several start-ups and turn-arounds with interests in Canada, India, Switzerland, Thailand and Nepal.<ref>Aditya Jha's profile on the Star</ref> He also runs several philanthropic initiatives through his Private Charitable Foundation (POA Educational Foundation),<ref>POA Educational Foundation</ref> promoting education and nurturing entrepreneurship to equalize the access to opportunity for those not so fortunate. Jha takes special interest in nurturing prosperity and financial independence amongst Canadian First Nations (aboriginal) communities and individuals through education scholarships at top Canadian universities and a project (Project Beyshick) that nurtures entrepreneurship.<ref>Canadian Immigrant</ref> He is the co-founder and outgoing National Convenor of the Canada India Foundation—a public policy organization.<ref>CIF Executives</ref> He is winner of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award (2010), inductee to the '30 most influential Indo-Canadians Power List (2009)', and recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Ryerson University - the highest honour conferred by the University.<ref name="">CANADA HAS CHOSEN: [ TOP 25 CANADIAN IMMIGRANTS OF 2010]</ref>

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