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Amrita Choudhury



Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor for the past 29 years, Amrita Choudhury specializes in Indian Classical Odissi, various folklorique and Gypsy traditions of dances from India, Bollywood dance, fusion choreographies related to traditional and contemporary issues. Educated in Santiniketan, India in dance and music, Amrita has been performing since the age of 4.

Amrita also works as a dance/movement therapist, and conducts various workshops in Nritya Yoga (Yoga of Dance) across North America.

Amrita works with “Cultures without Borders” and the English and French School boards in the field of “Dance And Education.” Recent performance works have been “La Marche de Rama (French version of Ramayana)” and “Celebrating the Human Spirit!” a multi-media performance reflecting the social, spiritual, political climate of today’s society using traditional and contemporary choreography & " The Light of Love" reflecting the tribal, folklorique and classical traditions of sufi dance, music and poetry.

Amrita performs anthropological research related to “Dance and Anthropology”, researching the socio-cultural aspects of dance in different societies. Her latest work has been researching the ancient temple dancers of India and their way of life, working with the last surviving temple dancer of 95 years old. Amrita is also an actress who works in the field of “Dance Theatre”. Amrita has performed and offered workshops in Canada, US, Central America, Europe and in India.

Amrita's intention is to spread the joy of dance globally where people connect through the joy and spirit of dance.