Aruna (Annu) Lakdawala Thakur

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Aruna (Annu) Lakdawala Thakur

Dr. Aruna (Annu) Thakur, a clinical professor and consultant psychiatrist, has served mentally ill people of Saskatchewan for over 30 years.

She was President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association in 2003/2004. Her presidential theme was “Culture and Mental Health: Not a Minor Matter”, a theme she promoted nationally and internationally. She is a founding member of the Canadian Psychiatric Association Foundation, which provides finances for education projects independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

She was on the board and chairperson for Larson House Detox Centre for 20 years and provided administrative stability to this institution which has established programs for patients suffering from chemical addictions. Using her fundraising skills, she invited community leaders to establish a $300,000 fund to acquire, renovate and operate this facility.

Founder and Professional Director of the Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Foundation of Saskatchewan Inc. and co-founder of the Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Foundation of Canada, she was successful in establishing awareness of the epidemic nature of eating disorder problems provincially as well as nationally. She established a trust fund, donating $30,000 to the University of Saskatchewan and the Department of Psychiatry to educate professionals in the field of eating disorders.

In 1984, YWCA Saskatoon awarded her the Women of Distinction Award. She has served as President for the Federation of Medical Women of Saskatchewan and Canada, and participated in various capacities with the United Way Saskatoon and Canada. She is a life member of the Hindu Society of Saskatchewan. She was a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International and participated in its youth exchange programs.

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