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Asian Profile is designed to promote multi-disciplinary research in, and the teaching of, Asian Studies; and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among scholars both inside and outside Asia. The journal is published six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December by Asian Research Service since 1973. Contributions of papers to the Journal are welcome. [1]

Sample Copies of Journals

A sample copy of the journal will be sent to you on request and billed to you at single copy rate. Charges are cancelled upon receipt of your subscription order. You may return it in saleable condition for full credit or keep it and pay the invoice if you decide not to subscribe to the journal.

Sample Table of Contents, Volume 41, Number 1, February, 2013. [2]

Notes for the Guidance of Contributors of Asian Profile

Manuscripts for Asian Profile must be typewritten on single side of letter size (or quarto) paper in double spacing. Only 2 copies are required. The maximum length for a paper is 12 000 words. Longer papers may be accepted only in special cases. Manuscript should be carefully checked before they are submitted, and should be preceded by a covering page stating the title of the paper, full name(s) of the author(s) (Family name in all caps), identification of each author/ coauthor (position and institution or other affiliation), and mailing address of each author.

An abstract of about 150 words should be included. Authors should prepare their manuscripts on a disk (3.5”, Microsoft Word) as Asian Profile will request authors to submit disks upon acceptance for publication. Submission of a manuscript implies that it has not previously been published, and that it is not currently on offer to another publisher and it should not be submitted to elsewhere until a decision is received from this journal. Rejected articles will not be returned to the author.

The articles in Asian Profile do not represent the views of Asian Research Service. The responsibility for opinions expressed in the papers and that for no copyright materials are used in them without permission solely rest with their authors.

Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and typed on sheets separate from the text.

Bibliographical references should be arranged in alphabetical and chronological order: In the text, in brackets, author’s surname followed by year of work; in the reference list at the end of the paper, author’s surname and initials followed by years of publication, title of the article, title of the periodical, volume number, page numbers. Title of books and periodicals should be in italics in the manuscripts.

Illustrations in the form of photographs and drawings are welcome. Photographs should be clear with strong contrasts and printed on glossy paper. They should be numbered consecutively on the back with captions typed on separate sheets of paper. Copyright materials must be cleared by contributors. Maps and diagrams should be neatly drawn on white paper or a tracing medium. The ratio of height to width should preferably conform to that of the journal page (26.5 x 19 cm), and allowance must be made for captions.

Offprints of total 20 copies are supplied free to contributor/ co-authors of each published article. Additional offprints may be obtained at low cost if ordered before publication. Please send manuscripts for publishing consideration to:

The Editor, Asian Profile, Asian Research Service, P.O. Box 1211, Metrotown RPO, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5H 4J8.


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