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BC Chinese Music Association



The BCCMA performing for the Gala Book Lauch of their publication Yueyui in Vancouver, October 2011.

The B.C. Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) was formed in 1995 by enthusiastic Chinese music lovers who wished to promote Chinese music within our multicultural society. It provides a platform for Chinese music lovers and promotes Chinese music in the wider community. Its aim is to share Chinese musical culture with others to increase Canada's understanding of Chinese culture through music.

The BCCMA also has multiple divisions within its ranks, such as the B.C. Chinese Orchestra (BCCO) which regularly performs for cultural and festival events, as well as charities. There are also the B.C. Chinese Music Ensemble (BCCME) which caters to virtuosos and the B.C. Youth Chinese Orchestra (BCYCO) which seeks to train young musicians.

Beyond artistic or community events, the BCCMA also organizes lectures, master classes, concerts and exhibitions. It has helped coordinate such events as the Chinese Music Ethnic Classes competition at the Vancouver Kiwanis Festival since 2001 and collaborated with the Central Conservatory of Music for the Overseas Chinese Instruments Grade Examination in 2006.

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