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The Canada-Japan Society of Toronto (CJS) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities to enhance understanding of Japan, Canada and Canada-Japan relations. Established in 1981, the Society continues to be impartial and accessible, welcoming a wide spectrum of members from various backgrounds who hve a knowledge of, or interest in, Japan. Both individual and organizational/corporate memberships are available. The Society holds frequent high quality events that include speakers on business, political, intellectual and cultural topics; organizes cultural, social and other functions; publishes a quarterly newsletter and offers occasional prizes and awards. The exchange of information and ideas is encouraged.

[edit] Organizational Structure

CJS is governed by a president and a Board of Directors, who are nominated from the general membership and elected at the Annual General Meeting to a one-year term.

[edit] Vision Statement

To be the most effective, energetic group in Metropolitan Toronto dedicated to building an understanding between Japan and Canada.

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