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Canadian Centre for South Asian Studies




[edit] Introduction

While these researchers pursue their different fields of inquiry they are united through the CCSAS with the common and shared objective of engaging in research focused on political, economic, business and social development of the South and South East Asian region, the socio-economic issues facing the large immigrant population from South Asia in Canada and the interface of South Asia with the Canadian economy. Currently 6 faculty members from UOIT have joined hands as founding members of the Center. In addition a number of faculty members from other universities in Canada and the world have given their support to the center as affiliated members.

[edit] Goals and Vision

  • The goal of the CSAS is to be an interdisciplinary think tank and the voice in Canada for research on South Asian socio economic issues.
  • Through its research and seminars/conferences the Centre will be able to influence Canadian trade and foreign policy towards this region.
  • In order to be effective in achieving its vision, the Center will interface closely with the government of Canada. It will also act as a conduit of liaison between various South Asian trade and cultural organizations and forums and the government of Canada.

[edit] Research Focus

  • The nature of research effort is very much interdisciplinary- this is a strong selling point of the Center and makes it more appealing to a wider body of researchers and social scientists. To start with this interdisciplinary partnership will amongst the faculties of business, social sciences, education and health.
  • The Centers researchers from UOIT and their celebrative partners (wither inside or outside Canada) will explore all socio-economic, political and social issues affecting the life, well being, freedoms and civil liberties of the people of South Asia who are Canadian residents as well as the inhabitants of South Asia in their own countries.
  • The Center will conduct interdisciplinary research in various areas with a business, economic and social focus.
Some key areas of inquiry are
  • Economics of growth and development
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Science and Technology - economic and social impact
  • Information Technology and its commercialization
  • Business Management
  • Social Sciences
  • Education, Learning, Literacy and Teacher Training
  • Health, Nutrition and Fertility
  • Private and Public Sector Governance and Corruption
  • Militarization, Peace and Conflict

[edit] Legal Status and Management Structure

  • The Center is being run as a center of research at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
  • The organizational structure is non-bureaucratic and the Center functions through Group Coordinators who spearhead and supervise research in their respective Groups, while adhering to the overall vision and research goals of the Center. We are independent in our approach and thinking but operate as one large cohesive team to further the Center’s objectives.
  • The Coordinator of the Center would call meetings and liaison with the Center’s researchers, associates and international institutes to further the Center’s shared vision.

[edit] Financial Resources

  • Being a virtual center, its expenses are very limited. However, the Center has very little funds at the moment and current expenditures are being met from the $40,000 grant of the UOIT given to the Center’s Co-ordinator for conducting academic research.
  • It is envisaged that the Center’s activities would be funded through donations, sponsorships, conference fees and memberships. In addition, research grants obtained by scholars would facilitate the hiring of Research Assistants to work on the Center’s various projects.
  • The Center will actively solicit funding from various funding bodies and granting institutions.

[edit] Activities and Services of Center

  • The Center will host a wide range of research, teaching and learning resources on its website for use by students at UOIT and elsewhere in Canada and the developing economies.
  • Researchers will form research partnerships with Canadian based scholars as well as the international community.
  • Researchers and their work will be popularized through media, working papers of the centre and journal articles. Work of the scholars associated with the centre will be posted on the Center’s website and available to everyone in the world.
  • The Center will organize periodic conferences on defined themes pertaining to development.

[edit] CCSAS is linked to research institutes and universities

The South Asian Studies website has already been linked to Asian Studies Institutes at

  • University of Western Ontario
  • Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Calgary
  • University of California at Berkeley
  • Monash University (Australia)
  • IDEAS which is a central index of economic research
  • Canada Asia Pacific Resource Network (CAPRN)
  • Canadian Asian Studies Association (CASA) at Concordia University

and this list is fast expanding.

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