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Chantria Tram


Toronto Montreal

Chantria is an actress, acting coach and speaker and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from Concordia University. She was born on the other side of the world in a small village in Cambodia, landing in Canada at the age of six as a timid little girl with huge dreams and ambitions. The artistic world is no stranger to her as both of her parents are both artists; Her father is a visual artist and her mother was a performer and had the opportunity to perform at the royal palace in Cambodia. Both of their careers and dreams came to a halt due to war and political instability.

Chantria has performed in numerous productions in Montreal, including a one-woman show called “Someone Between”, which she wrote and produced under Apsara Theatre Company. The show toured in Montreal at various conferences and festivals, including at Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival. She is current;y developing the show with playwright/actor/director, Ins Choi, for its Toronto premiere. It can be seen at the Tiger Bamboo Theatre Festival, sponsored by Soulpepper Theatre Company, and presented at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts as a staged reading.

Her lead role in "Model Minority Show" awarded her Best Actress in a Dramedy at the LA Web Fest in 2012. In Summer 2013, She directed "Water Cooler", a spicy and comedic new webseries about a group of office workers that share juicy gossip about affairs, lies and conspiracies. She also appears in the series as Chenda.

Driven by her obsession to learn as much as possible about acting, Chantria stumbled upon a passion for teaching in her final year of University. She never looked back since. As an acting teacher and workshop facilitator, she was awarded artist in residence at the Oral History and Digital Storytelling Centre in Montreal, leading an unprecedented joint community-University project. Through an organic and collaborative creative process rooted in shared authority, the project explored the two-way transmission of stories between a generation that has endured extreme human rights violations, and their children-young people who, while receiving these stories, are also in the midst of creating and redefining their own identities and narratives.

In 2012, she co-founded RIZE Studios with business partner, Michael Primo. RIZE Studios strives to help individuals and organizations foster creativity, forge strong team connections, and unlock their true potential. The studio brings creative workshops for the public and companies, including acting workshops for actors and non-actors.

She is fascinated with human behaviour and human potential. She believes in being unstoppable, being real and being you, always.