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Chinese Canadian Artists Federation




"The Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver established in April 11, 1993 . Since its inception, over 450 visual artists have joined the Federation. At present there are over 250 active members including Chinese ink & brush, oil, watercolor, mixed media painters, calligraphers, seal carvers, graphic designers, sculptors, potters, photographers. They come from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and from other places populated by ethnic Chinese. Some, who are not Chinese, have also joined because of their interest in Chinese art. Most of the members have settled in Vancouver. Whether they are world-renowned artists or aspiring artists, they are bound together by a common interest: that of promoting Chinese art and culture. The CCAFV serves as a support group for new Chinese immigrants in the visual arts field, introducing them to more established local artists and helping them to merge into mainstream society.

Members' art works not only sing the praises of nature but also seek contemporary and universal expression of beauty in a positive way. We encourage creative activity that helps to demonstrate the Oriental spirit, which in turn enhances the lives of people by bringing beauty to them and food for their spirit. We welcome art societies around the world to contact us for the exchange of thoughts and experience. It is our aim to serve as across-cultural bridge of understanding through exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations of Chinese traditional art to Western society as well as introducing our members to important activities going on in the Western art world.


Our constitution declares it will:

a) Promote Chinese Canadian art in Vancouver.

b) Organize and implement programs and activities in the form of exhibitions, competitions, symposiums, lectures, publications and studies to facilitate Chinese-Canadian art and deepen the community's understanding and appreciation of it.

c) Promote the interaction of different cultures through local, national and international art programs and events, in cooperation with other organizations or individuals.

d) Improve contacts and relationships between Chinese artists as well as between artists of other ethnic backgrounds and art lovers at large.

e) Safeguard the interests and rights of Chinese Canadian artists.

The immediate concerns of the Federation in the coming year are:

a) To exhibit the works of our members and their students in our Annual Exhibition. The exhibition will be held at the Roundhouse Art and Cultural Center from November 2nd to 12th, 2001. This exhibition has been expanded this year to include students, in response to the general focus on youth in this the first year of the millennium.

b) To put the Federation on to the Internet so as to present the Federation to worldwide communities.

c) To continue with our lecture series so as to keep our members informed of happenings, trends and changes." [1]