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Chinese Canadian National Council

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[edit] History

"In 1979, Chinese Canadians across the country united to protest the irresponsible journalism of a national televised program: "Campus Giveaway". As a result, CTV publicly apologized for the racist overtones and inaccuracies of that particular episode. More significantly, the participants against W5 from cities across Canada assembled and held a conference in Toronto. Out of that meeting, the importance and need for a strong, national organization became so evident that the Chinese Canadian National Council was formed."[1]

[edit] Mandate

"*To promote the rights of all individuals, in particular, those of Chinese Canadians and to encourage their full and equal participation in Canadian society.

  • To create an environment in this country in which the rights of all individuals are fully recognized and protected.
  • To promote understanding and cooperation between Chinese Canadians and all other ethnic, cultural and racial groups in Canada.
  • To encourage and develop in persons of Chinese descent, a desire to know and to respect their historical and cultural heritage; to educate them in adopting a creative and positive attitude towards the Chinese Canadian contribution to society."[2]

[edit] Goals

"By developing a strong national voice: Activating new members across Canada to work with existing groups in the Chinese community; cooperating with other racial groups; setting up an effective national network of communication.

By working in the areas of human and civil rights: Monitoring the media; confronting stereotyping and racism.

Political awareness and participation: Political awareness workshops; informing the public of important issues which directly affect them; Sponsoring all candidates meetings; submissions to different levels of government; active participation & advocacy in the decision making of our government's policies.

Cultural and social activities: Festivals, street fairs, special events and community activities; historical and cultural heritage exhibit that travel across Canada." [3]

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