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Founded in 1998, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCC) is a non-profit organisation that hopes to provide a space for cultural interaction in the Greater Toronto area. While it may focus on raising awareness about Chinese culture and traditions, it also seeks to promote understanding of and exchange between other cultures of the Far East.

Mission Statement and Objectives[edit]

Mission statement

"The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto has been established to be more than an institution. Our mission is to set a standard of integrity and excellence. It is a role that will be one of active leadership in order to promote and foster Chinese culture in an inspirational and relevant manner."


- To help Canadians of Chinese heritage appreciate all facets of their own culture.

- To actively involve and share with all Canadians the uniqueness of our culture.

- To help nurture a mutual respect and understanding between Chinese Canadians and Canadians of other heritage, with the ultimate goal of unity and prosperity.

- To play a prominent role in helping further people's understanding and perception of Canadian heritage.

- To endeavour to be a distinguished example of cultural excellence and relevance among all Canadians.

- To promote Canada and its opportunities to other Chinese communities globally.

- To create a forum for trade and business exchanges through cultural endeavours.

- To establish an international reputation of excellence.

The Two Phases[edit]

The CCC has two phases, totaling 23,000 square-feet. Phase I functions primarily as creative and supportive centre with such facilities as an art gallery, resource centre, reading room, boardroom, studios, and classrooms. Whereas Phases II includes a large theatre and an even larger great hall for sports and other recreational activities, conventions, trade shows, and banquets. Between these two buildings, the CCC is the largest Chinese cultural centre in North America.