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Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver



Started in 1973, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver (CCC) is a non-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion and awareness of Chinese culture.

Following a Wong's Benevolent Association banquet in 1972 when representatives of the three levels of government all pledged to support a community centre in Chinatown. The following year, the CCC was founded thanks to the support of the government, 53 community organisations, and countless enthusiastic volunteers. A year after that, the CCC officially registered with the provincial and federal governments as a non-profit and charitable organisation. A entire city block was designated in Vancouver's Chinatown and during the early 1980s, administrative, educational, and commercial buildings were built, and other such buildings include the Dr. David Lam Multipurpose Hall and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The CCC also have their Museum & Archives -with both permanent and ongoing exhibits, a library, branch office, and open theatre- which is now open to the public.

Mission Statement[edit]

- To promote understanding and friendship between the Chinese community and other cultural groups in Canada.

- To interpret and communicate Chinese culture and to facilitate exchange with other cultural groups and with the community at large.

- To promote and foster Chinese culture and art within the Chinese community and with other cultural groups.

- To help Chinese immigrants adjust to the culture, heritage, and lifestyle in Canada.

- To build and maintain cultural facilities for the purpose of achieving these aims and objectives.

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