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Christopher Lee

Published books

TitleExtended titleYear of Publication
Enacting the Asian CanadianWinter 2008

Dr. Christopher Lee grew up around Vancouver and went to high school on the North Shore. He graduated from the Honours English Program at UBC and also student critical theory and Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine. From the West Coast of Canada he moved to the East Coast of the United States to attend graduate school at Brown University.

Before writing his dissertation, he spent a year in Beijing taking classes and doing research. Lee returned to Vancouver in 2006 and took up an appointment as Assistant Professor of English at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2007. Since 2007, Lee has been a Faculty Fellow of the College. His areas of research include Asian North American literatures and cultures, American Studies (with a focus on race/ethnicity and transnationalism), critical and literary theory (especially the Frankfurt School) and aesthetic philosophy. Lee is currently the Director of the Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies (ACAM) program at UBC. He is the author of Semblance of Identity: Aesthetic Mediation in Asian American Literature, winner of the 2013 AAAS Book Award in Literary Criticism, sponsored by the Association for Asian American Studies.