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Eddie Peng

Eddie Peng (also known as Peng Yu-yen) is a Taiwanese Canadian actor. Along with his family, Peng migrated to Canada at the age of thirteen. He studied Economics at the University of British Columbia, where he majored in economics and had plans set for a career in business. However, he changed paths when he went back to Taiwan because of his grandmother's death and was discovered by Taiwanese director Yang Daqing. Since then, he has focused on his acting career and has starred in a number of Asian films.


Year Title Role
2005 A Record
2006 Exit No. 6 Fan Dayin
2006 Open To Midnight (午夜照相館) A Hai
2007 Muddy but Pure White (泥巴色的純白) Tang Xuchuan
2007 My DNA Says I Love You (基因決定我愛你) Xiao Xiong
2008 Sleeplessness All Through the Night
2008 All About Women (女人不壞) Mo Qiyan
2008 My So Called Love (愛的發聲練習) A Liang
2009 Hear Me (聽說) Tian Kuo
2010 Close to You Zhao Dajie
2010 Lover's Discourse Li Guangsheng
2011 Love You You (夏日乐悠悠) You Lele
2011 Jump! Ashin (翻滾吧!阿信) Ashin
2012 LOVE Ah Kai
2012 Cold War (寒戰) Li Jia Jun
2012 Tai Chi 0 (太極1:從零開始) Fang Zi Jing
2012 Tai Chi Hero (太極2:英雄崛起) Fang Zi Jing
2013 A Wedding Invitation (分手合约) Li Xing
2013 Unbeatable (激戰) Lin Siqi
2014 Rise of the Legend (黃飛鴻之英雄有夢) Huang Fei Hong
2014 Fleet of Time (匆匆那年) Chen Xun
2015 To the Fore (破風) Chou Ming