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Emanuel Sandhu



Emanuel Sandhu is a Canadian figure skater and dancer. He is a three-time Canadian national champion and the 2004 Grand Prix Final champion.

Sandhu was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario. His mother Enza was born in Italy, and his father Lokraj is Punjabi.

He began studying ballet at the age of three and figure skating at the age of eight. Despite training as a figure skater, Sandhu continued to dance until the end of high school and graduated from Canada's National Ballet School. A year after Sandhu started figure skating, he was discovered by coach Joanne McLeod who has a background in dance and was his coach for his entire career. Sandhu later relocated to Burnaby, British Columbia to continue training at the B.C. Centre of Excellence with McLeod, whom he credited as being his biggest support system. Sandhu's ballet training and Indo-Canadian/Italian heritage have given him a unique style and flamboyant look. He is fluent in English, French, and Italian. Sandhu also dabbles in modeling and singing.

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