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Eyes On Tibet




Eyes On Tibet has just begun raising funds to bring high quality eye care to rural Tibet. Their mission is to support Seva Canada's tireless work in this area as they maintain and grow sustainable eye care programs. They also support the Laser Eagles Art Guild and their work to give artistic self-expression to those with limited speech and mobility

Through their communities they reach out to find others who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. They are creating unique opportunities for ordinary people to make an extraordinary contribution: give back the gift of sight to those suffering needlessly from blindness.

Their choice to support this worthy cause is not political in nature, nor is it specific to creed or religion. They merely support a wonderful organization doing incredible work.

Their volunteer base is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, they will been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact. They welcome new volunteers with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of Eyes On Tibet.

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