Filipino-Canadian Friendship Society of Thunder Bay

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Filipino-Canadian Friendship Society of Thunder Bay


Thunder Bay Ontario

The Filipino-Canadian Friendship Society of Thunder Bay(FCFS) is a registered non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization and is incorporated under Ontario Incorporation in the year 2000 (Registration # 1464848).

This organization was formed by the Filipinos here in Thunder Bay. The Filipino community grew steadily through Immigration by accepting immigrants and foreign workers (that were granted landed immigrant status) and then by sponsoring their families.

FCFS Objectives[edit]

  • To promote unity and cooperation, friendship and understanding among Filipinos and fellow Canadians
  • To participate in the pursuit of common goals of the community
  • To preserve Filipino culture, language and customs.

Regular Social Activities[edit]

  • Annual Independence Ball in month of June
  • Picnic at Canada Day, (participated in a parade with a float and won an award)
  • Picnic at Chippewa in the month of August
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Party

FCFS has operated a food booth for fundraising purposes at various places like Dragon Boat Festival, Kakabeka Street Fair and Westfort Street Fair where we sell a variety of Filipino foods including our famous "Filipino Barbeque on a stick" served with a Filipino friendly smile.

Annual Membership Fees and Dues - Individual (18 years of age or over) - $7.50; Couple or Family - $12.50; Seniors (60 years of age or over)- $3.00 and Youth (under 18 years of age) - $3.00.

FCFS official gatherings are free to paid members and $5.00 per head for non-members (youth under 18 years old $3.00).

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