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Folklorico Filipino Canada


Toronto Ontario

As a cultural group, Folklorico proudly operates as a non-profit organization working from voluntary donations and contributions through sponsorship and performance fees. Dancers, choreographers and administrators work without financial remuneration. Volunteering is rewarded by the fulfilment achieved through the sharing of filipino culture and heritage. Folklorico has been involved with the social and cultural affairs of many organizations, schools, colleges, and governments. Since its founding in 1974, the commitment to promote the Filipino identity within the Canadian mosaic remains unchanged.


In line with the objectives of Canadian Multiculturalism, Folklorico Filipino (Canada) aims for the development and promotion of the Filipino identity through performing arts by:

  1. Depicting Philippine culture through music, song, dance, and drama
  2. Training interested Filipinos of all ages in Philippine folk music, dance, and drama
  3. Showing the public Philippine customs, traditions, and history through folk song, dance and drama
  4. Encouraging Filipinos and other Canadians to discover and develop their talents and abilities and to develop their potential in the performing arts.


In 1973, a group of young, newly arrived Filipino immigrants met and soon began to socialize with Filipinos living in Toronto. From this small social club came the desire to form a dance group, showcase the cultures and traditions of the Filipinos. In 1974, the Province of Ontario issued a letter Patent incorporating Folklorico Filipino (Canada) Dance Company.

Founding members of the company were either former dancers, professional entertainers or artists. In retrospect, the merging of the different creative backgrounds of each individual made Folklorico unique and diverse. The group that had taken form was innovative, experimenting and presenting Philippine culture in a nontraditional style. Drama was also incorporated into the different folk dances. Original music scores resulted from mixing traditional sounds with new arrangements.

The innovative style of Folklorico Filipino, modernizing the folk dances of the Philippine cultures, has made them distinct and recognized Worldwide.

For over 34 years, Folklorico has delighted their audience with enjoyable and exciting programs, all can be thrilled by

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