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fu-GEN is a charitable theatre company dedicated to the development of professional Asian Canadian theatre artists through the production of new and established works.

Its goals are:

  • To produce works of Asian North American playwrights, and foster new works by emerging playwrights.
  • To explore and address issues of Asian North American’s societal roles, responsibilities and identity in the past, present and future through our artistic endeavors.
  • To build a stronger, truly multicultural Canadian community by breaking down stereotypes through education and development of a strong cultural artistic base.

Founded in January 2002, fu-GEN is a dynamic group, determined to carve out a space in the Canadian cultural landscape for vibrant Asian Canadian voices. In five years, we have launched six major projects, including two full-scale productions in association with Factory Theatre and The Hastings Park Foundation, all of which have garnered massive critical acclaim and sold out houses.