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Gendai Gallery



"Gendai cultivates dialogue through contemporary art from East Asian perspectives."

In the new dynasty, Gendai’s mandate is to cultivate dialogue through contemporary art, focusing on experimental collaborations with contemporary artists and organizations for the production and dissemination of artwork from East Asian perspectives.

Gendai’s previous mandate was to promote excellence in contemporary art and design with a curatorial emphasis on work by Canadian and International artists of Japanese ancestry and of the larger Asian community. As an ever-evolving organization believing in consciousness and challenge, Gendai explores and reflects on its trajectory. In response to the ongoing self-interrogation, Gendai redefined the roles it serves in the communities and reshaped the mission to meet the new directions.


Situated within Toronto’s Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC), Gendai Gallery is committed to contemporary arts within the context of culture and community - local and global - and an ongoing interrogation of these elements.

Gendai is critically aware of the gallery’s site within the JCCC, a vibrant place where inter-generational members of the Japanese Canadian community as well as people interested in Japanese culture in general engage in a variety of traditional cultural activities. In light of this, Gendai provides a unique contemporary perspective within this context, presenting artwork that reflects upon, critiques, and plays with social, cultural and political notions of “the everyday”.

To advance the potential and expand the efforts in creation, production, and dissemination of its area of focus, Gendai seeks and develops opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and communities to explore new channels of access to a broader range of diverse audience.

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