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Harbourfront Centre



Harbourfront Centre, on Toronto's waterfront, is an innovative not-for-profit cultural organization that creates events and activities of excellence that enliven, educate and entertain a diverse public.


To nurture the growth of new cultural expression, stimulate Canadian and international interchange and provide a dynamic, accessible environment for the public to experience the marvels of the creative imagination.


A vibrant home for the culture of our time, inspiring people through the magic of the creative spirit.

Quick Facts about Harbourfront Centre[edit]

  • Governed by a 26-person community based volunteer Board of Directors
  • 10-acre site attracts over 12 million visits each year
  • Creator and presenter of over 4,000 events annually
  • Partner to more than 450 community and cultural groups annually
  • Multidisciplinary artistic and cultural focus showcasing works in contemporary visual arts, crafts, literature, music, dance and theatre for adults and children
  • Operator of two marinas and five parking lots
  • Host to 30,000 children at School Visits and 4,500 children at Camps annually
  • Assisted by approximately 2,000 volunteers who generously contribute their efforts and time
  • Supported by government grants and contributions which constitute about 1/3 of our annual operating budget
  • Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit to generate revenues to support 2/3 of our annual operating budget
  • All events and programmes are offered at reasonable prices or are completely free of charge