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Ilsoo Kyung MacLaurin



Ilsoo Kyung MacLaurin was born in Korea. She emigrated to Canada in 1967. She started painting early in 1997, and continued after retiring from her nursing career in 2002. She graduated from University of British Columbia Fine Art Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory.

Many of her art works are part of private collections in Korea, Australia, the United States and Canada. She is member of South Delta Artists'Guild,and Delta Arts Council.

Ilsoo is a multi-media artist. She involved in numerous solo, group exhibitions, her work involve personal identity and expression, as well as themes within the context of Korea, and Canada.

In recent work she addressing the question of cultural identity and in the process, a new synthesis is emerging in her own individual practice of painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, video, photography, digital imagery, performing art and installation works.

Ilsoo's works are ground in the natural world, but looks beyond the scenic to search for symbols and meaning in all that she encounters; her style is representational, with special attention to colour, texture and form.

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