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inDANCE is one of Canada's most progressive dance companies. It presents works that are an original synthesis of artistic director Hari Krishnan's South Asian and Western aesthetic sensibilities. While respecting the legacy of tradition, inDANCE boldly investigates post-modern evolutions that place the company on a trajectory of imbibing influences from the West into its strong and confident idiom of contemporary Asian cultures. The company aims to create work that is daring and radical- dancing outside the box. It produces eclectic, sensual, virtuosic and evocative dance creations that challenge dominant discourses on global culture.

inDANCE's performances of the South Indian dance form known today as Bharatanatyam are unique in the dance world- presenting original repertoire and music rarely seen and heard on the contemporary world stage. They originate out of a critical awareness of historical context and meaning that are rooted in ethnographic and textual research. In addition to cutting edge contemporary works that break with convention, the company also showcases reconstructions, and re-presentations of vintage (18th and 19th century) dance and music repertoires that are absent from the vocabulary and ethos of today's Bharatanatyam.

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