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Jagrup Brar

"Jagrup Brar was elected as the MLA for Surrey-Fleetwod on May 12, 2009. He served as MLA for Surrey-Panorama Ridge from Oct. 28, 2004 until the riding boundaries were re-drawn.

Jagrup serves as opposition critic for Small Business . Jagrup has served as critic for Heathy Living and Sport, Public Safety & Solicitor General, Ministry of Employment & Income Assistance and Ministry for Small Business & Revenue. Jagrup is a strong advocate for health care and has highlighted Surrey's health care crisis across the region.

Born in India, Jagrup moved to Canada to study at the University of Manitoba where he earned a Master's degree in Public Administration. Jagrup moved to British Columbia from Winnipeg in 1995. Since then, Jagrup and his family have put down strong roots in Surrey.

An involved member of his community, Jagrup is a dedicated local volunteer, and has taken time to help a variety of local organizations providing services to young people, seniors and new Canadians. For over a decade, Jagrup worked in the public and non-profit sectors, assisting professionals with career development and working with employers to develop strategies to recruit a highly-skilled, multicultural workforce.

As the Executive Director of the Surrey Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development Society (SEEDS), Jagrup trained new entrepreneurs to develop and launch successful small business ventures.

Jagrup is married and lives in Surrey with his wife Rajwant and their daughter and son. One interesting personal note, Jagrup played basketball for the Indian National basketball team, and his daughter enjoys playing on her school basketball team. His son, a pre-schooler, also enjoys dribbling and shooting."

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