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Kapit Bisig Centre



THE KAPIT BISIG CENTRE is a Filipino community centre in Montreal, Quebec. Various organizations at the Kapit Bisig Centre struggle for the rights and welfare of and social justice for Filipinos in Canada, while supporting the struggle for human rights, national freedom and democracy of the Filipino people.

Kapit Bisig Centre organizations operate to serve the needs of and empower the growing, but marginalized, Montreal Filipino migrant and immigrant community. It is a place not only for Filipinos to gather, but more importantly, a place where marginalized Filipinos can collectively continue the struggle to achieve equality, human rights and genuine development.

The Kapit Bisig Centre hosts meetings, workshops, forums and conferences to meet the objectives of building an empowered Filipino community, while building alliances with other progressive individuals and groups in Canadian society. The Centre also houses a library and unique collection of resource materials on Filipinos in Canada and the Philippines.

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