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Dr. Maral Dikran Boyadjian (22 May 1974) is a doctor in educational leadership, a educational psychologist, an EMDR psychotherapist, an author and university educator of Armenian descent. She is also a board member of the Lebanese Psychological Association and is deeply involved in counseling and spiritual psychology.<ref></ref> She is a Canadian citizen by immigration, where Canada became a new homeland for her and her family running from the Civil war in Lebanon, her birth country, a homeland her grandparents had found refuge in as children fleeing their own motherland Western Armenia as a result of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 where 1.5 million Armenians of the Kingdom of Cilicia were brutally massacred in the hands of Ottoman Turks between 1915-1918 in what are known as the occupied lands of Western Armenia. Today Turks claim those lands as part of modern Turkey, although the treaty of Sevres states otherwise.

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