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Marissa Largo



Originally from the Phillipines, Marissa Largo lives and teaches in Toronto. Having graduated in Fine Arts from York University and pursuing a Master degree in Art Education at the Concordia University, her interests as an academic researcher focus on multiculturalism, the practice of collaborative art, community art education, cultural democracy and anti-racism.

Being deeply involved in community life, Marissa Largo collaborates with two Phillipino organizations: Ugnayan ng Kabataang Filipino sa Canada located in Toronto and Kabataang Montreal. She works with the youth to encourage artistic discovery and to integrate artistic practice in their daily lives. Marissa also works at the Centre for Immigrant Workers, an organization dedicated to defend the rights of immigrants and to facilitate their integration into Canadian society.

In constant evolution, the artistic work of Marissa Largo is a personal reflection on the processes governing the construction of identities in a world swept by globalization. The artist invites the public to reflect upon the changes in spatial and temporal perceptions that are sparked by the rising accessibility of travelling, and the issues of immigration.

A true ambassador as an art activist, Marissa Largo exhibits regularly in Montreal and Toronto. Her works have been presented in several group exhibitions: Departures (2005), Greater the One (2004), MEQ: Misconceptions Elegantly Quenched (2004), Additions (2004) and Smudge (2004). She also has to her credit, two solo photography exhibitions: Small World (2003) and Neither Here Nor There (2003).