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[edit] Design

  1. Designs Awaiting feedback on designs
  2. Replace event box with info box
  3. Remove calendar
  4. Add an About section
  5. More stylized and modern Main Page. Maybe smaller pictures that enlarge when you run your mouse over them.
  6. Dead space in between the homepage and the full body text
  7. Add Canada Council of the Arts logo to sidebar or bottom of Main Page

[edit] Usability

[edit] Content

Define Mandate

  • What differentiates ACW from Wikipedia
  • Why ACW is helpful to the average user etc.

  1. Is there a way to edit titles of pages?
    Can “move” pages to a different title.
    How to delete pages?
    Need administrator privilege.
    VJ Pillow – his link does not work anymore
    Follow up with Rob?
    Uploading photos
    picture uploads, but the page goes blank and I have to “go back” and then retype the jpeg name.
    Simultaneous Update
    Again, I’m not sure of the feasibility of this. Since much of our content comes from Wikipedia, to me it makes sense that as information is updated in Wikipedia, it should also update on the Asian Canadian Wikipedia.
    Some pictures don’t show up on the main page
    How to make sure that the Asian-Canadian wikipedia lists have a presence.

Search function

  1. search for certain pages does not work (ie
    Adrienne Vicente)
    Ryoko Itabashi? Has page, but does not show up in search for “Ryoko”
    More sensitive search engine?
    Ie: recognize similar words? (ie: if search "Tetsury", response could suggest "Tetsuro"?)
    Groups page Will this be utilized?

Organizing content

  1. How standardized do we want this wiki to be?
    In terms of Aspects, which ones do we use?

Facet Map

  1. Facet Map
    links working?I go to Facet Map, then click “Montréal”. Sinha Danse link goes to (image) a page that says “There is currently no text for this page”

[edit] Server

  • Facet map: if lags site, discard.

[edit] Process

[edit] Support

  • Need "Contact Us" page?
  • What email address to use?

[edit] Outreach

  • Soft Launch date: Monday, August 27th 2012
  • Hard Launch date: Monday, September 27th 2012
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