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Metachroma Theatre addresses the under-representation of visible minority actors in Canadian Theatre, challenging current perceptions by telling stories with a diverse cast in order to normalize the presence of these artists on stage.

Our History[edit]

In 2010, Montreal-based actors Tamara Brown, Lucinda Davis, Mike Payette, and Warona Setshwaelo came together to discuss the nature of hiring practices in Canadian theatre in relation to artists of colour. As performers who have had the opportunity to engage with companies all over the province and the country, the shocking realization came that there is little to no opportunity for more than one or two actors of colour to share the stage at the same time. This knowledge raised the instigating question, “Wherein lies the opportunity for many actors of colour to be allowed to perform in mainstream theatre without the guise of adaptation?”

We came to the conclusion that nothing would be done without us initiating the change.

Metachroma was officially formed in the latter part of 2010 when additional company members Quincy Armorer, Glenda Braganza, Julie Tamiko Manning, and Jamie Robinson joined the team.

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