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Monika Deol



is a Canadian television personality. She began as a reporter for Citytv in Toronto, and later became a VJ for MuchMusic, hosting and co-producing Electric Circus from 1988 to 1996.

Deol was also an entertainment specialist on CityPulse at Six, host of MuchMusic’s news shows FAX and RapidFAX, and co-host of Citytv’s alternative fashion and style show Ooh La La.Deol worked as a news anchor with VTV Vancouver and host with Citytv Vancouver in 2002.

Monika Deol was born in India but moved to Canada at a young age. She was raised in Manitoba and educated in Winnipeg. She attended the University of Winnipeg and got her start in the music business at that time. Later, she moved to Toronto and joined CITY TV as an on air personality on Much Music. She hosted the dance show Electric Circus for many years. Deol and her husband Avtar Bains live in Vancouver.

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