National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2012

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National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2012


Montréal Toronto Vancouver

National Asian Heritage Month Video conference 2012[edit]

Asian Heritage Month (AHM) logo

Saturday, May 6, 2012
Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver
12:00PM-2:00PM (PDT)/3:00PM-5:00PM (EDT)

To encourage exchange between provinces and communities, Festival Accès Asie shares with you "Reaching Out”, a video conference with performances, speakers and public interaction between three different cities in Canada. The Festival, with the help of emcee Tetsuro Shigematsu, will host this year's video conference. Through the video conference cyber-technology, three performances by theatre group Jingju Canada will be broadcast live and programmed at McGill University with other speakers, performances and public discussion from Toronto and Vancouver.

The National Address will be given by Senator Vivienne Poy.

Senator Vivienne Poy

Senator Vivienne Poy
As the first Canadian of Asian descent to be appointed to the Senate of Canada,Viviennewas instrumental in having May recognized as Asian Heritage Month in Canada. In December 2001, the Senate of Canada unanimously recognized May as Asian Heritage Month, following the passage of a motion introduced by Vivienne. In May 2002, the Government of Canada declared May as Asian Heritage Month in a formal signing ceremony. Vivienne now works closely with Asian Heritage Month Societies across Canada, serving as Honourary Patron of the Ottawa Asian Heritage Month Society, Toronto's Asian Heritage Month - Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture Inc., and Vancouver's Asian Heritage Month Society, as well as Honourary Advisor to Montreal's Accés Asie Festival, and Honourary Co-Chair of the Asian Heritage Foundation (Southern Alberta). She also is supportive of activities in Victoria, Winnipeg, New Brunswick, and P.E.I.

Host Tetsuro Shigematsu is a Canadian radio broadcaster, comedian and filmmaker. Tetsuro] was a former host on CBC radio. He's Also a Reality TV Star on a Show Called The Deadliest Warrior. And he's currently doing a YouTube channel called Shiggy TV.

For the full schedule of the National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2012 in EDT (Montreal time), please scroll down.

Montreal Event Details[edit]

Festival Accès Asie

Festival Accès Asie 3 pm to 5 pm (Eastern Daylight Time EDT, Montreal time)
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Multimedia Room 107
805 Sherbrook West
Free admission

From Montreal, a performance by acclaimed Beijing opera group, Jing Ju Canada.

Jingju Canada

Jingju Canada
Jingju Canada. is a theatre company which is dedicated to maintaining and sharing the tradition of Jingju in Canada. Jingju has a rich heritage and is a truly complete art form combining athletics, character, dance, storytelling, singing, and design in one holistic theatrical form which is rarely seen on the Western stage.

With the artistic direction of Shijia Jiang – a graduate of the directing department of the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts with over 17 years of training and experience working professionally in China – Jingju Canada maintains a company of performers from a variety of cultural backgrounds. These performers specialize in specific archetypal character roles so as to keep with traditional training techniques and perform Jingju in its traditional form complete with authentic costumes and makeup.

Biography of the Montreal Asian Heritage Month representative:
Janet Lumb, co-founder and artistic director of Festival has designed this project to enable encounters between three Canadian cities. “Reaching Out” continues the Festival’s objectives to create and meet, despite the distances, allowing the public to discover the talents of Asian artists in Montreal and in Canada. Inspired to defy Canada’s geographic boundaries, she brings artists, audiences and communities together from across the country.

Toronto Event Details[edit]


Asian Heritage Month Toronto 3 pm to 5 pm (Eastern Daylight Time EDT, Toronto time)
University of Toronto
Council Chambers, Simcoe Hall
27 King's College Circle, Toronto, Ontario
Free admission

Toronto Asian Heritage Month is offering a presentation by Dr. Eric Fong, professor of sociology in the Canadian Studies Program at the University of Toronto.

Professor Eric Fong

Professor Eric Fong
Professor Eric Fong will be presenting "An Update on The Economic and Social Well‐Being of Asians in Canada".
Dr. Fong is a professor of sociology at the University of Toronto. He is also the current vice president of the Canadian Population Society, the chair-elect of the International Migration Section of the American Sociological Association, and the former president of the North American Chinese Sociologists Association. Fong has edited three books and over 50 papers.

Biography of the Toronto Asian Heritage Month representative:
Dr Kay Li is President of Asian Heritage Month-Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc. She is Project Leader of the Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage (VMACCH) and the Asian Heritage Month Festivals funded by Canadian Heritage, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Toronto Arts Council. Kay also organizes the annual Asian Heritage Month Lectures and Education Roundtables at University of Toronto and York University.

Vancouver Event Details[edit]


Asian Heritage Society Vancouver 12 pm to 2 pm (Pacific Standard Time PST, Vancouver time)
University of British Columbia
Room -0112, 2329 West Mall, (corner of West Mall and Agronomy Red next to Campus Mail)
University Services Building
Vancouver, British Columbia
Free admission
Pay Parking off Lower Mall – West Parkade

Vancouver Asian Heritage Month will be showcasing two fantastic influencers from B.C., Dr. Henry Yu and R.J. Aquino.

Professor Henry Yu

Professor Henry Yu
Dr. Henry Yu will be presenting his involvement and experience with a $1.2 million multi-media platform: Chinese Canadian Stories.
Dr. Yu is the Principal for St. John's Graduate College (UBC) and Director of the Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies (INSTRCC). Outside of UBC, Dr. Yu serves as Co-Chair for City of Vancouver's "Dialogues Between First Nations, Urban Aboriginal, and Immigrant Communities in Vancouver" as well as a founding member of the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC.

RJ Aquino

R.J. Aquino
R.J. will be presenting on his experience with invigorating and uniting the Filipino community in Vancouver.
R.J. Aquino is the Co-Founder of Tulayan, an organization that builds bridges between the Filipino community here and abroad with other communities in Vancouver. Aquino also serves as an executive for the Vancouver municipal party, COPE.

Biography of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month representatives:
Winnie Cheung, an international and Intercultural educator, is a longstanding supporter of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society. As a current Board Member, she has assumed the role of Interim Executive Director to help the Board reinvent the organization and reach out to youth and municipalities beyond the City of Vancouver within the region.

Linton B. Chokie With 10 years experience in event planning and management, it is safe to say Linton loves it. When he is not raising money for cancer research with the Ride to Conquer Cancer, you can find Linton living out his other passions in sustainability and grass roots community work with awesome groups such as NAAAP and the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society.

Schedule (EDT) (subject to change)[edit]

3:00 pm Welcome from MC (Master of Ceremony), Tetsuro Shigematsu in Vancouver
3:03 pm Vancouver MC intros (introduces) Senator Vivienne Poy
3:04 pm Toronto, Senator Vivienne Poy – National Address
3:09 pm Vancouver MC intros Toronto Asian Heritage Month (AHM)
3:10 pm Toronto Professor Emily Gilbert introduces speaker
3:15 pm Toronto Prof. Eric Fong: “An Update on The Economic and Social Well‐Being of Asians in Canada"
3:25 pm Vancouver MC & public Q&A
3:35 pm Vancouver MC intros Festival Accès Asie and Beijing Theatre Group Jingju, Opera titled Crossroads (Montreal)
3:36 pm Montreal Crossroads: two main characters meet each other and build their mistrust of each other
3:41 pm Vancouver MC & public Q&A
3:46 pm Vancouver MC intros Vancouver speaker
3:47 pm Vancouver Prof. Henry Yu: Chinese Canadian Stories project
3:57 pm Vancouver MC & public Q&A
4:07 pm Vancouver MC intros Jingju double sword scene
4:08 pm Montreal Crossroads: double sword scene
4:11 pm Vancouver MC & public Q&A
4:14 pm Vancouver MC intros Vancouver speaker RJ Aquino
4:15 pm Vancouver RJ Aquino: Invigorating and uniting the Filipino community in Vancouver
4:25 pm Vancouver MC & public Q&A
4:35 pm Vancouver MC intros Jingju night fighting scene
4:36 pm Montreal Crossroads: night fighting scene
4:48 pm Vancouver MC & public Q&A
4:58 pm videoconference ends with Vancouver MC
5:00 pm Close-up and hang-up

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Schedule of the National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2012 is in Eastern Daylight Time, EDT (Montreal time)