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Nofel Izz


Karachi Dubai

Nofel Izz, popularly known as Nofel, is a UAE based Canadian singer and entrepreneur of Indian and Pakistani descent. He was the founder and CEO of Jobs in, Inc..<ref name="GulfNewsJID"></ref><ref name="GulfNewsNI"></ref> According to Gulf News, Nofel said that he took interest in music since he was five, but his recent singing career started when the Pakistani band Fuzön spotted him singing karaoke on a night out in Dubai; he later signed up in January 2012 with Emix Records of Pakistan for his first album which was release with Fuzön. The following week, BMG Crescendo (India) Private Limited also signed Nofel up as an artist.<ref name="GulfNewsNI"/> During the release of the album in Karachi, Pakistan, Nofel has pledged to donate all his proceeds from the album to the Eidi Foundation of Pakistan.<ref name="Mich"></ref><ref name="DTPakistan"></ref>

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