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RJ Aquino



RJ Aquino is the Co-Founder of Tulayan, an organization that builds bridges between the Filipino community here and abroad with other communities in Vancouver. Aquino also serves on the Board of Vancouver’s Asian Heritage Month. Originally from San Francisco, he moved to Vancouver while in high school. Spending his formative years here made him interested in community building and activism.

With a strong business background, RJ believes the key to Vancouver’s future is to tackle the affordability crisis. “We need a city that is affordable at every level,” says Aquino.

“From new immigrants who want to bring their ideas and skills to our city, to our seniors who have spent their lives contributing to the city we all enjoy today. That’s how we can build a Vancouver for everyone.”

A proud father, Aquino lives with his new daughter and wife in East Vancouver’s Collingwood.

This article based on content from http://cope.bc.ca/election2011/teamcope/aquino/.