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“Rasik” (Hindi)—(adj.) full of feeling; passionate; witty; elegant; (noun) a connoisseur.

At Rasik Arts we produce South Asian theatre from whatever part of the world it may exist. From home countries across the expanse of the Diaspora, South Asian culture and its expression is as varied and diverse as the globe that it inhabits. Presenting our plays in English we hope to cross linguistic boundaries, build bridges between cultures, and touch our audiences in a meaningful way. We challenge you to become engaged. Be surprised. See the difference. And experience the commonalities.


Rasik Arts is devoted to diversifying the landscape of Canadian theatre, creating a space for South Asian expression on the professional stage, and to opening up avenues of communication between cultures through entertainment and education.


Rasik Arts is devoted to South Asian theatre, especially contemporary works from that region, and to South Asian theatre practitioners and writers around the world.

Rasik Arts aims to: Educate and foster the public’s understanding and appreciation of South Asian culture Break down racial and cultural stereotypes Increase the visibility of Canadian artists of South Asian ancestry


Rasik Arts had its birth in July 2000 with the remount of Sally Jones' 1997 production of Nagamandala at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and was officially incorporated in November 2000. Our inaugural production was Umrao in September 2001. Since then, Rasik Arts has received four Dora nominations and won two Dora awards --the first such awards to be won by South Asians. We pick plays for production that illuminate a facet of the culture from which they spring but also address themes beyond their cultural specificity. Another criterion is that they either challenge Western-held assumptions or confront contemporary preoccupations.

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