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Rick Shiomi

Published books

TitleExtended titleYear of Publication
Inalienable RiceInalienable Rice-A Chinese & Japanese Canadian Anthology,1973

Rick Shiomi is a Japanese Canadian sansei born in Toronto in 1947. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1970 and received a teaching diploma from Simon Fraser University in 1972. Among his accomplishments, he was the coordinator for the Powell Street Festival in its early years, he was a founding member of Katari Taiko and he is one of the leading Asian Canadian/American playwrights. Major Asian American theater companies have produced his plays Yellow Fever, Rosie’s Café, Uncle Tadao and Play Ball. Yellow Fever has been produced OFF Broadway, at the Edinburgh Festival and in Japanese in Tokyo. Among his recent plays are Mask Dance, Tale of the Dancing Crane and Song of the Pipa. Relocating to Minnesota in the 1990’s, he is presently the Artistic Director of Mu Performing Arts which represents two performing groups, Theater Mu and Mu Daiko, of which he is founder.

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