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Sarah Tue-Fee



Sarah Tue-Fee received her BFA from the University of Ottawa in 2012. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, her work has been exhibited and collected widely in group shows and catalogues in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. She was awarded the Jennifer Cayley Award from M.A.S.C in 2010 and received the Edmund and Isobel Ryan Visual Arts Scholarship from the University of Ottawa in 2012. She currently lives and works in Montreal.

Her paintings explore techniques of collaged imagery, translated through paint to create personal, ‘original’ spaces out of existing images. Through these hybrid translations, she creates improbable settings in which narratives can appear both familiar and otherworldly. By synthesizing found images of contrasting constructed and organic environments, her work aims to evoke a sense of spatial collapse, instability, and disorientation. Areas of representation disintegrate into abstract brushstrokes, as bright clashing colors intensify these overwhelming and uninhabitable settings where strange narratives can emerge.