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Toronto Sanskriti Sangstha



Toronto Sanskriti Sangstha (TSS) is a non profit organization established in 2004 with a mission to encourage second generation South Asian children and youth living in North America to appreciate and pursue Indian vocal and instrumental music, dance, drama and other artistic endeavours of the South Asian heritage.

By engaging our children in planning, coordination and implementation of a large event we are fostering creativity, encouraging leadership, inspiring confidence and motivating them to volunteer.

Numerous individuals and organizations in North America are significantly contributing to the cultural development of Bengali communities all across North America. TSS is taking an initiative to propagate the existence of talents and to foster such artistic activities by giving the North American South Asian artists a competitive platform.

Toronto Sanskriti Sangstha (TSS) implements all activities on a non-profit basis, and dedicates any surplus to developmental and charitable projects. Please see Our Initiatives for a project we funded, in 2010, to celebrate Rabindranath Tagore's 150th birth anniversary.

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