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Asian Canadian wiki is a website dedicated to disseminating Asian Canadian community and is a database of all things Asian Canadian - from artists, scientists, leaders, to cultural centres, community organizations and festivals.

Vision Statement[edit]

Advocating and advancing self representation, the Asian Canadian Wiki team is dedicated to working to end all forms of discrimination, including racism and stereotyping.

Who Are We[edit]

We are a collective of like-minded Canadians who believe in the democratization and accessibility of information sharing.

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Setup and ongoing guidance provided by David Mason of Systems for People.

History and News[edit]

The intent of this site was to gather like-minded Asian Canadians from arts and cultural communities to participate in a Asian Heritage Symposium in Montreal in 2010. As one of many involved and as part of this ACwiki, we all had, have incredibly extraordinary mothers who hae raised, guided, taught, worked, laughed, cried and brought us with our fathers and family, to this world.Within the interests, objectives and goals before the symposium, Asian Heritage Month activities, and many other Asian Canadian initiatives, and organizations, self-representation was, is, and continues to be a key pertinent component of the Asian Canadian Wiki (ACWiki).

In 2010, there was no unified single database, contact organization or centralized location to connect with the various artists and organizations for the Symposium. A resource was needed to locate, inform and assemble Asian artists, organizations, centres from across Canada. Locating Asian Canadian artists, arts organizations, communities and centres was a challenging process. We realized that connecting these communities required more research and development. At that time there was no unified single database, contact, organization or central location to connect with the various individuals and organizations for the symposium. The Symposium first began as a need to contact and inform arts, cultural and community based organizations and individuals across Canada. Essentially, resources, contacts, organizations etc., were gathered within our networking circle.

The was soon created by compiling renowned artists, established artist organizations, and re-usable third-party information into a online resource. Spearheaded by Festival Accès Asie, the site was created by a small team of dedicated volunteers to realize objectives for the National Asian Heritage Month Symposium.

With funding from Canada Council for the Arts and interested support in 2012, was “kickstarted” with design elements and substantial and credible content. Asian Canadian Wiki (ACWiki) aims to develop and provide access for all to connect, learn, discover, share and exchange. Asian Canadian Wiki is the most comprehensive resource available that informs and connects all those who are interested about Asian Canadians . Our hope is that the site will have the necessary visibility and participation to foster connection, culture and community.

2010 Asian Heritage Symposium[edit]

In September 2010, Accès Asie (aka Montreal Asian Heritage Festival) hosted a national Asian Heritage Symposium in Montreal. The symposium offered discussion and coaching activities led by speakers who are known for their leadership in the respective areas of cultural strategy, fundraising strategies and diversity-equity policy implementation.

Who Is Asian?[edit]

The definition of "Asian" includes people of mixed race, and/or those who ethnically identify themselves as Asian. It could also be defined geographically and may apply to people who come from or whose ancestors come from any of the countries considered part of "Asia"m

Asia is generally defined as comprising the eastern four-fifths of Eurasia. It is located to the east of the Suez Canal and the Ural Mountains, and south of the Caucasus Mountains (or the Kuma-Manych Depression) and the Caspian and Black Seas. It is bounded on the east by thePacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean.

East Asia

Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan

Southeast Asia

Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore

South Asia

Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Central & Middle Eastern Asia

Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Armenia

Canada Council of the Arts[edit]


This project was made possible by Canada Council of the Arts in 2012.

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