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Passionate about people, their lifestyle, and the arts, Kiran Ambwani is a professional photographer of Indian origin, now based in Montreal. Kiran's creative vision captivates the editorial and advertising worlds, with a versatile portfolio ranging from portraits to products, lifestyle to landscapes and architecture to abstract images. Kiran freelances for various publications, advertising and press agencies, and non-profit groups. Specializing in portraiture and editorial photography, Kiran's photographs have been published in Vogue, Geo Plein Air, MindFood (Australia), Travesias (Mexico), US Airways, IB World (UK), Le Devoir, Journal Alternatives, Metro, Mirror, and The Bombay Times (India). Kiran's images reflect a sensitivity shaped by her background in anthropology and environmental science and her numerous travels. Driven by a curiosity for the problematics encountered by marginalised populations, Kiran has explored, among others, the lives of Tibetan monks in exile, the survivors of child trafficking in Mumbai, the inhabitants of Asia's largest slum Dharavi, and the indigenous women of Nepal. She has collaborated on several humanitarian projects with NGOs in Canada, India, and Nepal. Apart from publishing her work, Kiran has held several group and solo exhibitions of her personal work in Canada and abroad. Kiran is a graduate of McGill University and the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal.