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Ottawa Ontario

Robert is a moderator for Asian Canadian wiki/web. He is a co-founder of the New Voices Project.

Personal Information[edit]

Robert completed his Masters in Public Policy at the University of Victora and holds a BA (Honors) in Sociology and Hisory from the University of British Columbia and a Masters in Arts (Sociology) from Concordia University. In 2006 his honors thesis on the representation of race in digital games received international attention and he appeared on television, radio and newspapers around the world.

He has also started several successful projects including The New Voices Project in both Vancouver and Montreal, a group project interested in exploring the experiences of Chinese Canadians. They have published an anthology, produced a documentary, presented at three different art galleries and collaborated with various community organizations. As well, he helped co-found The Knoll, a social justice magazine, and served as head editor during its first year.

His previous work experience includes marketing director at Festival Acces Asie and researcher for the Multicultural History Society of Ontario for their exhibit on Chiense Canadian women.

Robert works as a writer for Schema Magazine, is currently working on a graphic novel and occasionally does standup comedy.