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Vietnamese Community Centre of Mississauga


Mississauga Ontario

The Vietnamese Community Centre of Mississauga (VCCM) is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 to serve the Vietnamese community in Peel Region.


  • To provide programs to enable the Vietnamese population to develop skills essential for integrating into Canadian society
  • To ensure that programs and services provided by VCCM and other organizations in the region are accessible to the Vietnamese population
  • To preserve and enrich the Vietnamese culture and tradition in harmony with multiculturalism.

Settlement Services[edit]

  • Assisting new comer living in Peel region to apply for SIN, OHIP, legal and financial assistance, non-profit housing and settlement-related services
  • Organizing support groups for women, youth, and seniors to facilitate their integration into the mainstream society
  • Providing settlement and counselling services for the community

Offering interpretation and translation services

  • Providing probation counselling


  • Assisting new immigrants in registration procedures for enrolling in educational institutions
  • Co-operating with Peel Board of Education to provide Heritage language programs, E.S.L, Language and Skills Training, citizenship classes, mathematics, and computer classes
  • Providing employment resources such as resume writing, essential skills, and job search techniques
  • Holding seminars and workshops to inform the Vietnamese community of issues concerning the Canadian legal system and human rights

Cultural Services[edit]

  • Organizing cultural festivals, ritual ceremonies and Canadian celebrations
  • Publishing newsletters to inform Vietnamese residents of community activities and events

Sports and Other Activities[edit]

  • Forming a community-based music ensemble to perform on holidays
  • Organizing various local sport teams to participate in the annual North American Sports Event and other competitions
  • Organizing picnics, camping trips and scenic sightings

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